Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chapter 4: Alvin and Kilara

In an effort to seek salvation from her distracting thoughts Kilara called upon her unicorns. “My Lanta, Numir, Ari! Where are you? I need your help!” In comes galloping Lanta. “Oh my Lanta! Something is bothering me and I must tell someone,” says Kilara. Lanta says,” Go on Kilara, it’s okay you can tell me.” Kilara takes a deep breath and says,” Oh my Lanta, I saw a man at the falls today and the sight of him filled me with absolute bliss. He was the most gorgeous human life form I have ever witnessed in my life. I chose not to say hi to him and now I realize that I was still high from the fumes. I wasn’t thinking straight,” as she shed a few tears on Lanta’s shoulder. Lanta after a good thirty-three seconds realizes something and lifts Kilara’s chin up. Lanta asked urgently,” Was this man wearing black skin tight leather pants, with a bracelet on his left wrist that beamed like the sun?” “Yes!” Kilara said with excitement. “Kilara, this is the man in my premonitions that I have been trying to make sense of. His face keeps popping up in my horns whenever I try to see your future on planet Krypton.” Kilara smiled and jumped about with glee. Lanta continued,” This is the man that you are destined to marry and he is the only person that can help you save your planet. But you must marry him and bare his child before he can help you.” Kilara jumped up and ran for the door. Lanta yelled,” Kilara, Wait! Where are you going at 1:28 in the morning?” Kilara realized that she needed her beauty rest and came back in to the house. At the crack of dawn, Kilara was up and about. She gathered her picnic basket and morphed into a bird and flew back to the waterfalls. There at the waterfalls, Kilara waited anxiously for this mystery man to return. After countless hours waiting, the mystery man suddenly appeared from the sky with a parachute. “Hello!” said the mystery man with his squeaky voice. Kilara with a confused look on her face replied with a confused tone,” Hello?” “What is your name and what brings you to the falls?” he asked. Kilara replies,” Well, it’s just a really hot day today so I decided to come down here and cool off. My name is Kilara. What is yours?” “Alvin,” he replied with a geeky snort. They immediately hit it off. They talked for hours until the sun came down. “It’s getting dark out,” said Kilara. “What’s your rush Kilara. Am I keeping you from something,” replied Alvin. They spent the night at the falls under the stars. When Kilara awoke the next morning, she woke up with a huge belly and realized that she was going to give birth soon. Kryptonians only get pregnant for two days at the most. Kilara decided to explain everything to Alvin, as he was in total shock. Kilara immediately morphed into a huge pregnant bird and flew home with Alvin after explaining everything to Alvin. When they got to Kilara’s house Lanta quickly discovers Kilara’s surprise. Lanta then prepares the house for the birth of Kilara’s child. Kilara then began to feel contractions. It lasted well throughout the night. The next morning Kilara delievered twin sons that she named Simon and Theodore. Kilara and Alvin quickly decide to get married soon after the birth of their sons and they embarked on day one of their mission to save Planet Krypton.

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