Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prologue & Chapter 1 "Through the Waterfall"

Seven centuries ago, the planet Krypton was destroyed from the result of a nuclear reaction within its uranium core. As pieces of the planet drifted in space, they would collide with meteors and continually form a gravitational pull. After this phenomenon continued for many years, the planet began to reconstruct itself until it was completely restored in the year 1929.
When Krypton was destroyed, only one survivor remained. A baby by the name of “Prince Kal-El” was placed in an escape rocket and sent to earth by his King father as an attempt to save his life. When Kal-El became a man, he decided to return to Krypton to rebuild the Kryptonian race with his human wife.
Eighty years have gone by and Krypton has been fully restored. Astrids, Alcetaurs, Centaurs, Dragons, Dwarves, Fairies, Cyclopses, Jinns, Gargoyles, Leprechauns, Ogres, Pixies, Elves, Sting bulbs, Unicorns, Dryads, Hydras, Griffins, Pok√©mon, and many other creatures now live together on Krypton. Humans also inhabit the new Krypton, including the Kryptonian descendents of Kal-El. Unlike the original Kryptonians, this race is part human creating a flaw in the natural powers of the ancient Kryptonians. Every “new raced” Kryptonian has only one super power along with the ability to adapt underwater. This ability is especially essential for the sea-living Kryptonians.
In the crevices of a mountain ridge, there is a secret waterfall portal that connects our world to the world of Krypton. It is a planet identical to Earth in most ways except for its life forms and possibilities. On Earth, Humans live under the influence of logic, principles, theories, and “what-ifs”; whereas on Krypton, nothing is “make-believe”. For eighty years, the planet full of all possibilities has kept its way in collaboration, until today. Darkness has fallen over Krypton and the last blood descendent of Kal-El is sent to our world to find safety. Will history repeat itself once again? It is time for the Princess to go on her unexpected journey to return home and save her planet before it is too late.

I. "Through the Waterfall"
It was dawn in the Island of Guam and the sky over the Talofofo falls slowly turned pink. The shimmer of silver light sparkled across Guam’s South Eastern hills touching the river waters that winded through the flowering trees, then spread over the place where the young Princess slept. The light awakened Kilara as she laid in a cottage guarded by 3 majestic unicorns. As she opened her shiny gray eyes to a brightened light, she rose to her window to observe the outside scenery. In the distance she could see the Talofofo Waterfall portal past the trees just beyond where the unicorns stood. As beautiful as the sight may have been, nothing could make Kilara smile. Her gloomy heart was filled with worry, confusion, depression and fear as she imagined what could be happening back on her home planet Krypton. In the mean while, there she stood pondering about what she could do with her time on Earth. “ Grrrrl….ggrerrl”, Kilara looked down to her belly and felt the slight empty, cramping feeling in her stomach. “Oh great…what’s good to eat around here?” said Kilara as she headed outside to talk to the unicorns. “Numir, Lanta, Ari…where are you guys?”...Kilara looked around but did not see them standing as they were. Just a few seconds later, a sudden gust of wind swept across her feet. “THUD THUD THUD!”…it was the 3 unicorns. “Goodmorning Princess, you called for us?” said Lanta. “Yeah, I was just wondering if there was anything for me to eat?” Kilara said. Numir nodded “Ha, of course your highness, this may be Earth but we still try to make everything possible for you! Into to the kitchen…we brought you some meat and fresh greens.” “Thanks guys” said Kilara as she headed back into the cottage kitchen.
“Sigh…” Kilara looked down onto the table holding a feast of barely eaten food. “Ugh! I’m so freakin stupid…why did I come here!...why?” A sudden voice that broke from behind gently said to her “Because your grandfather requested so.” It was the beautiful Ari speaking: “Before they passed, we swore to your family that we would keep you safe, and so we will”.
“DOES THAT MEAN THAT I HAVE TO SIT HERE AS THE REST KRYPTON FALLS!?” yelled Kilara. “I am sorry Kilara…there is nothing we can do” said Ari as he lowered his head and turned away. In a state of distress, Kilara immediately walked off into the cottage bedroom. Her eyes filled with tears of fury as the words ‘nothing we can do….nothing we can do’ repeated in her memory. The day passed slowly and for the past seventeen hours, Kilara could not help but hear those same words. It was 11:11pm and Kilara, restless and upset, had a sudden break of thought. “Heh…nothing we can do? That means impossible, and where I am from, NOTHING is impossible.” Just when the unicorns thought Kilara was asleep, she gathered her things and used her Kryptonian super-power to shape-shift into a bird, sneak past the grooming unicorns, and swiftly fly straight through the waterfall portal… “NOTHING is impossible.”

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